Marleen Klewais


This lady also took some lovely photos of the memorial ceremony for 320 Squadron veterans at Amersfoort Rusthof, Leusden on 2 May. She was kind enough to share them with the organiser, and I hope she doesn’t mind if I show them to you. Here they are on his website…

…and here’s a short video from a local newspaper featuring Andre Hissink, the 95 year-old 320 Squadron veteran who flew over from Canada especially to pay tribute to his colleagues, including Johannes ‘Joop’ Jillings, who didn’t make it out of the plane…


Flypasts Netherlands Sat 2 and Mon 4 May

(Photo: Frank Crebas)

Sat 2 May: The latest information is that the SKHV’s B-25 Mitchell will overfly the 320 Squadron Leusden ceremony, whereas their Spitfire will escort the BBMF’s Lancaster PA474 in flying over several other ceremonies, including the one at Giessenburg.

Mon 4 May: The SKHV’s B-25 Mitchell and their Spitfire will fly together.

Visiting the Giessenburg ceremony?

William Albert Stanley Herbert

There’s a man of this name, going by ‘W.A.S.Herbert’ or ‘WASH’, who wrote a couple of books on cartooning and caricature which were published by Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd. in London.

Here’s one of them…

Is this the same man as the one in George Racine Herbert’s tree, the tax inspector who had retired by the time of his wife Olive’s probate?