Blakeborough shortlist

Here’s our current shortlist of lovely possible Blakeborough relatives for the 2 May Leusden ceremony. Feel free to drop us a line if you recognise any of them:

– Robert Robinson (Jnr.)
– David A. Robinson
– Helen Robinson
– Allison (or Alison) Blakeborough
– John Blakeborough
– Claire Louise Skipworth
– Paul Andrew Skipworth
– Michelle Blakeborough
– Stuart Forster Blakeborough
– Emma Blakeborough
– Emma Willis
– Robert Robinson (Snr.)
– Joan Robinson
– Joan Blakeborough
– Ian Blakeborough
– Eleanor Blakeborough (née ?)
– Graham Skipworth
– Helen M. Skipworth
– Helen M. Blakeborough
– John Forster Blakeborough
– Arlene Blakeborough
– Arlene Mattison

…with possible links to these places:

– Stannington, Northumberland
– Alberta, Canada
– British Columbia, Canada
– Sheffield, Yorkshire
– Droitwich, Worcestershire
– Durham
– Liverpool
– Benfleet, Essex
– Doncaster, Yorkshire
– Newcastle-upon-Tyne
– Blyth, Northumberland


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