Calling all Ancestry users—can you help?

Do you have a live Ancestry account, and do you want to help in the search for the relatives of these airmen?

Please could you send a message to these users about these trees, asking them to contact us about a possible link between their tree and the family of one of the crew?

“aspdens19”: “Aspden/Eaton/Hulbert Family Tree”
“crstevens24356”: “Stevens Family Tree”
“madeleine458”: “Madeleine Gilbart’s Family Tree” (success!)
“sparkin37”: “parkin Family Tree”
“soleroadams”: “SWM Family Tree”
“David Cogdell”: “Cogdell (hatingkansas)”
“iangilberttree”: “Gilbert/Millard Family Tree”
“bellamymackenzie”: “Bellamy Family Tree (1)”
“LynneBrazier1”: “Brazier Family Tree”

Thank You!


3 thoughts on “Calling all Ancestry users—can you help?

  1. I have a World Ancestry account and am a forensic genealogist. Would be glad to assist you in anything dealing with airmen.
    Feel free to email me.

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