Attending the Leusden ceremony?

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Here’s the programme on the organiser’s site (Dutch, other languages selectable via Google Translate dropdown)…


Visiting the Giessenburg ceremony?

William Albert Stanley Herbert

There’s a man of this name, going by ‘W.A.S.Herbert’ or ‘WASH’, who wrote a couple of books on cartooning and caricature which were published by Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd. in London.

Here’s one of them…

Is this the same man as the one in George Racine Herbert’s tree, the tax inspector who had retired by the time of his wife Olive’s probate?

Blakeborough shortlist

Here’s our current shortlist of lovely possible Blakeborough relatives for the 2 May Leusden ceremony. Feel free to drop us a line if you recognise any of them:

– Robert Robinson (Jnr.)
– David A. Robinson
– Helen Robinson
– Allison (or Alison) Blakeborough
– John Blakeborough
– Claire Louise Skipworth
– Paul Andrew Skipworth
– Michelle Blakeborough
– Stuart Forster Blakeborough
– Emma Blakeborough
– Emma Willis
– Robert Robinson (Snr.)
– Joan Robinson
– Joan Blakeborough
– Ian Blakeborough
– Eleanor Blakeborough (née ?)
– Graham Skipworth
– Helen M. Skipworth
– Helen M. Blakeborough
– John Forster Blakeborough
– Arlene Blakeborough
– Arlene Mattison

…with possible links to these places:

– Stannington, Northumberland
– Alberta, Canada
– British Columbia, Canada
– Sheffield, Yorkshire
– Droitwich, Worcestershire
– Durham
– Liverpool
– Benfleet, Essex
– Doncaster, Yorkshire
– Newcastle-upon-Tyne
– Blyth, Northumberland