16 Squadron operations supporting Market Garden

IMG_0212 v2

This photo is of a page in the RAF Northolt Operations Record Book, in AIR 28/601…


…and gives that from 17–21 Sept 1944, ’16 Squadron of 34 Wing carried out Photographic Recconnaissance sorties from Northolt in connection with the First Airborne Division operations in the areas of Nijmegen – Arnhem – Graves. Two pilots working with this squadron are missing from these operations.’

This corresponds with the 16 Squadron Operations Record Book, which has John Brodby and Gerry Bastow not returning from missions on 20 Sept 1944…

RIMG0016 v2

Please note errors on this page:
– ‘DZ’, ‘LZ’, ‘OZ’ are given as ‘D2’, ‘L2’, ‘O2’
– ‘PA893’ is given as ‘PL896’

John Brodby was killed, but Gerry Bastow survived and returned.


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