Family for Archibald Victor Wallace of JB785?

(photo Crown Copyright)

He has strong ties to the Tottenham area. Here’s a document at the National Archives about his father…

We have a 1945 home address of 139 Northumberland Park, Tottenham N17 for him. There’s more here…

We’re now looking for these lovely people in connection with him:
– Bruce L. Madeiros
– David G. Wallace
– Keith G. Wallace
– Mary E. Wallace
– Peter J. Wallace
– Joyce L. Madeiros
– Joyce L. Wallace
– Lawrence J. Madeiros
– Kenneth I. Wallace
– Douglas H. Wallace
– Edith M. Wallace
– Edith M. Cowan
– Sydney I. J. Cowan
– George Alexander Grant Wallace
– Doris Eileen Wallace
– Doris Eileen Luckie
– George Luckie
– Ken Luckie
– Phyllis Luckie
– Phyllis Wormold
– Mr. Wormold
– Mrs. Muir née Luckie
– Mr. Muir


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