Dutch ceremony planned for Allied aircrews

(apologies to Peter…!)

At the start of May, there’s to be a memorial ceremony unveiling a stone commemorating the actions and service of six RAF and Allied aircrews, many of whom died when their planes crashed nr. Giessenburg, Netherlands. Here’s the organisers’ page for Halifax JB785…


We’re actively seeking relatives of all the crewmen mentioned for JB785. For JB801…



…we’re keen as mustard to make contact with any one of the fine folk named below, probably with a connection to Haworth, nr. Keighley, Yorkshire, and possibly this house. Here’s 20, Rosslyn Grove…


– Angela M. Feather
– Colin D. Feather
– Dale Walsh
– Duncan Walsh
– Debbie Jean Walsh
– Ian Chaplin
– Michelle Louise Clarke
– Lisa Tracy Clarke
– Eric Feather
– Eileen Feather
– Eileen Chaplin
– Peter Chaplin
– Yvonne Chaplin
– Yvonne Tindale
– Alec Walsh
– Winifred J. Walsh
– Winifred J. Chaplin
– Barry Chaplin
– Valerie M. Chaplin
– Valerie M. Hamer
– Gerald L. Clark
– Joan A. Clarke
– Joan A. Chaplin
– Irene Chaplin
– Irene Stones


2 thoughts on “Dutch ceremony planned for Allied aircrews

  1. Hi, Jack Chaplin is my grandfather. Please could you provide me with any further contact details so that I can update your information, and also if you could provide information on the ceremony.

    Thank you.

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