16 Squadron operations supporting Market Garden

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This photo is of a page in the RAF Northolt Operations Record Book, in AIR 28/601…


…and gives that from 17–21 Sept 1944, ’16 Squadron of 34 Wing carried out Photographic Recconnaissance sorties from Northolt in connection with the First Airborne Division operations in the areas of Nijmegen – Arnhem – Graves. Two pilots working with this squadron are missing from these operations.’

This corresponds with the 16 Squadron Operations Record Book, which has John Brodby and Gerry Bastow not returning from missions on 20 Sept 1944…

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Please note errors on this page:
– ‘DZ’, ‘LZ’, ‘OZ’ are given as ‘D2’, ‘L2’, ‘O2’
– ‘PA893’ is given as ‘PL896’

John Brodby was killed, but Gerry Bastow survived and returned.


Robert Hubert Makin: is he in your family?

We’re seeking any of these fine folks to tell about the ceremony, some of whom will have a link to Blackburn/Hyndburn or to Warrington:
– Harry Peter Cole
– Peter S. Cole
– Ann M. Cole
– Ann M. Makin
– Marie Hatton
– Marie Makin
– Gordon T. Makin
– Dorothy E. Makin
– Olive S. Wilkinson
– Olive S. Makin
– Cyril W. Makin
– Betty A. Makin
– Ruth Livesey
– Ruth Makin
– Jane Saunders
– Jane Makin
– Audrey L. E. Dickson
– Audrey L. E. Makin

Geoffrey Bowden: more possible (Derby) family…!

We’re looking for additional family members for him now, many of whom are likely to have a link to the Derby area…
– John Brett Robinson
– Thomas Martin Booth
– Andrew David J. Booth
– Sarah Elizabeth Booth
– Lynsey Michelle Booth
– Julia K. Booth
– Christopher J. Booth
– Alison Robinson
– Malcolm G. Robinson
– Mrs. Robinson née Cross
– Mrs. Booth née Gibbons

Family of Spondon airman Geoffrey Bowden?

BL_0000521_19431109_024_0004 v2
(from Derby Daily Telegraph, Tues 9 Nov 1943)

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bowden, of 65, Kirk Leys-avenue, Spondon, have been informed that, according to the International Red Cross, their son, Sergeant Geoffrey Bowden, of the R.A.F., has been killed while on an operational flight. He is stated to have been buried in the Crooswijk Cemetery Rotterdam, Holland. Sgt. Bowden, who was 20, was posted “missing” in July. He had been in the R.A.F. since June, 1941, and had been on operations since May of this year. Before joining up he was employed by Derby Co-operative Society.

We’re looking to make contact with the following smashing folks in connection with the upcoming memorial ceremony:
– Geoffrey R. Elson
– Janet E. Elson
– Julia K. Marshall
– Alison Marshall
– Albert Elson
– Florence B. Elson
– Florence B. Bowden
– Ralph Marshall
– Iris Marshall
– Iris Bowden
– Sylvia M. Bowden
– John George Bowden
– Olive Bowden
– Olive Hill

Family for Archibald Victor Wallace of JB785?

(photo Crown Copyright)

He has strong ties to the Tottenham area. Here’s a document at the National Archives about his father…


We have a 1945 home address of 139 Northumberland Park, Tottenham N17 for him. There’s more here…


We’re now looking for these lovely people in connection with him:
– Bruce L. Madeiros
– David G. Wallace
– Keith G. Wallace
– Mary E. Wallace
– Peter J. Wallace
– Joyce L. Madeiros
– Joyce L. Wallace
– Lawrence J. Madeiros
– Kenneth I. Wallace
– Douglas H. Wallace
– Edith M. Wallace
– Edith M. Cowan
– Sydney I. J. Cowan
– George Alexander Grant Wallace
– Doris Eileen Wallace
– Doris Eileen Luckie
– George Luckie
– Ken Luckie
– Phyllis Luckie
– Phyllis Wormold
– Mr. Wormold
– Mrs. Muir née Luckie
– Mr. Muir

Help with kin of these JB785+JB801 crew members?

35 Sqn. Halifax II JB785 (TL-Q) RAF Graveley 11 Jun 1943 2329 — Münster crashed Giessen-Nieuwkerk 12 Jun 1943 0243:

— RAF 142149 (formerly 1176946) P/O George Racine Herbert DFM KIA
— RAF 49831 (formerly 535594) P/O Archibald Victor Wallace POW
— RAF 1335447 Sgt. (later F/S) Ernest Cassingham KIA
— RAF 1059993 F/S Francis Joseph Greenwood KIA
— RAF 1331310 Sgt. Ronald Henry Boone KIA
— RAF 1453320 Sgt. (later W/O) Robert Hubert Makin POW
— RAF 566943 Sgt. (later F/S) Frank Stewart KIA

78 Sqn. Halifax II JB801 (EY-G) RAF Breighton 13 Jul 1943 2333 — Aachen crashed Peursum 14 Jul 1943 0126:

— RAF 1233316 W/O Peter Horrocks KIA
— RAF 951610 Sgt. Wyndham Hadrian Harries KIA
— RCAF J/21895 F/O Charles Douglas Alexander Hosken KIA
— RAF 1575981 Sgt. Arthur Stanley Jelfs KIA
— RAF 1007496 Sgt. Jack Chaplin KIA
— RAF 1528496 Sgt. Geoffrey Bowden KIA
— RAF 1810021 Sgt. Richard William Rouse KIA

Dutch ceremony planned for Allied aircrews

(apologies to Peter…!)

At the start of May, there’s to be a memorial ceremony unveiling a stone commemorating the actions and service of six RAF and Allied aircrews, many of whom died when their planes crashed nr. Giessenburg, Netherlands. Here’s the organisers’ page for Halifax JB785…


We’re actively seeking relatives of all the crewmen mentioned for JB785. For JB801…



…we’re keen as mustard to make contact with any one of the fine folk named below, probably with a connection to Haworth, nr. Keighley, Yorkshire, and possibly this house. Here’s 20, Rosslyn Grove…


– Angela M. Feather
– Colin D. Feather
– Dale Walsh
– Duncan Walsh
– Debbie Jean Walsh
– Ian Chaplin
– Michelle Louise Clarke
– Lisa Tracy Clarke
– Eric Feather
– Eileen Feather
– Eileen Chaplin
– Peter Chaplin
– Yvonne Chaplin
– Yvonne Tindale
– Alec Walsh
– Winifred J. Walsh
– Winifred J. Chaplin
– Barry Chaplin
– Valerie M. Chaplin
– Valerie M. Hamer
– Gerald L. Clark
– Joan A. Clarke
– Joan A. Chaplin
– Irene Chaplin
– Irene Stones