Avro Lancaster I W4842 (ZN-H) 106 Sqn 28 May 1943

This 5 Group Lancaster, named ‘Fema Dora’, left RAF Syerston at 2200hrs on 27 May 1943 on an operation to Essen. It was badly damaged, and on the return flight over the Netherlands bounced off the waters near Warmond before coming to rest by happy accident on Lakerpolder (Google Maps link…)


Based on the 106 Sqn. ORBs, the crew consisted of:

RAF 1336699 Sgt. Edward A. (‘Ted’) Robbins (Capt./P.)
RAF 645605 Sgt. John Seedhouse (Flt. Engr.)
RAF 1433571 Leslie C. (‘Les’) Carpenter (Nav.)
RAF 1113920 Leslie (‘Les’) Calvert (Air Bmr.)
RAF 1125243 George F. Calvert (WOp.)
RAF 1379964 Sgt. Howard J. (‘Spud’) Taylor (Mid-Upr. Gnr.)
RAF 1410554 Sgt. John M. (‘Jack’) Denton (R. Gnr.)

They were recovered by Dutch locals, but unfortunately fell into German hands and were made POWs.

Here’s sketch drawn by Les Calvert in David Layne’s father POW Wartime Log…

Here are some other links to Les Calvert’s story…



Accounts differ as to the fate of the airframe. One source has that it was broken up soon afterwards, but another tale says that it was recovered by the Luftwaffe and possibly repainted in German colours.

106 Squadron relocated to RAF Metheringham in November 1943.

Here, thanks to Dick Breedijk, is another album of photos relating to the aircraft, the crash site, and the crew…


…and here’s a memoir including Howard ‘Spud’ Taylor…



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