Czech Spitfire pilots identified!

In response to a couple of recent Twitter posts by aficionado Jacqueline T. Cotton…

and thanks to the diligence of Tom Dolezal, an expert on the WWII Czechoslovak squadrons, here (family names first) are the names of the men pictured…

“OK, single airman foto is FÜRST Bohomír, a bio is here:

which also has that foto.

The group foto is at Prague Ruzyne airport 5 August 1945,

and for id left > right in back row:

Maršík Josef – 313 Sqn
Zouhar Karel – – 313 Sqn
Masařík František – 313 Sqn
Vavřínek František – – 313 Sqn
Liškutín Miroslav DFC – 312 Sqn
Skirka Jindřich – 310 Sqn
Vindiš František DFC – 310 Sqn
Mlejnecký František – 312 Sqn
Sokol Josef – 310 Sqn
Špaček Otto – 313 Sqn
Dobrovolný Jaroslav – 313 Sqn
Sláma Karel – 313 Sqn
Střihavka Jaromír – 310 Sqn
Palička Vladimír – 313 Sqn
Stryk Karel – 313 Sqn
Velvarský Bohuslav – 313 Sqn
Ruprecht Josef – 313 Sqn

in front:

Kučera Otmar DFC. – 313 Sqn”

There’s plenty more about WWII Czechoslovak airmen and their squadrons on Tom’s blog here…


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