Short Stirling Mk.I N6046 (MG-Y) of 7 Squadron

While returning from an operation from RAF Oakington on 7 September 1941 to Berlin, this plane was shot down by anti-aircraft fire. All the crew bailed out and were taken prisoner. They were:

RAF 964692 Sgt. Lesley Ernest James Davenport (Ag)
RAF 748748 Sgt. Alick Yardley (P)
RAAF 402002 F/L Clive Mayor Hall (F/E)
RAF 528924 Sgt. Dennis Owens (N)
RAF 742790 Sgt. John Henry (‘Jack’) Boulton (B)
RAF 746720 Sgt. John Melvin (‘Johnny’) Sutton (WAg)
RAF 551472 Sgt. Arthur Speakman (Ag)

In 2008, Lesley Davenport’s grandson wanted to locate the crash site. After a fair amount of research, he went to Recklinghausen where he was directed to woodland containing a crater and pieces of the crashed plane…


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