Google Books Preview

of Major and Mrs. Holt’s Battlefield Guide to Operation Market Garden, showing the entry for the FW194 Memorial close to the John Frost Bridge…

The book is reviewed on Paul Reed’s blog here…


3 thoughts on “Google Books Preview

  1. Thanks for getting in touch Robert! The history of RAF 320 (Dutch) Squadron and its contribution to Operation Market Garden are not widely known. There are people and organisations interested in researching this Squadron on an enthusiast basis, for example the Medium Bomber Association (who run the ‘Dispersals’ newsletter), and the organiser of the Hees ceremony, who has a special interest in 320. The European editor of ‘Dispersals’ may make contact with you via the comments section of this blog, and I suggest you make contact with the 320 specialist via his own 320 Veterans website (details elsewhere on this blog).

  2. Hello again. The 2nd TAF Medium Bombers Association Dispersals magazine, in their May 2017 edition, included an article written by me about my father Robert de Hartog’s World War Two exploits including his service with 320 Squadron in late September 1944. I thank David Poisson, the Canadian editor of Dispersals, for allowing and encouraging me to put my father’s story in print.

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