Unknown Allied Airman

With regard to our Wijchen enquiries, the ever-helpful Hylke Roodenburg at the Nijmegen Regional Archive was able to send us these two pages before he went on holiday yesterday. They contain references to an unnamed Allied airman who died at nearby Niftrik and was buried in Wijchen’s Roman Catholic churchyard…

Wijchen 6636 1 v2

Wijchen 6636 2 v2

However, the phrase ‘rear gunner’ doesn’t make sense for a Spitfire as they had a one-man crew, and the pilot of a PR.XI Spitfire wasn’t a ‘gunner’, as in this model all armament was taken out to make way for extra fuel tanks in the wings, so at first glance this may not be our man.

Hopefully all will become clear. Thanks Hylke!


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