Time Is Running Out!

Time is running out for people related to Harold Morris Nottle (‘Morry’) to have the chance to make the ceremony in Hees on 25 September. To recap from a previous post, do any of the following mean anything to you? Do you recognise any of these names or addresses?

Harold James Nottle
Annie Mitchell Nottle
Annie Mitchell Scales
Brian Ralph Nottle
Maude Nottle
Enid Nottle
Enid Wood
Alan Henri Nottle
Joyce Mary Nottle
Brian Nottle
Marcia Nottle
Ray Nottle
Lee Nottle
Ron Nottle
Annette Nottle
Kevin Nottle
Lindsay Nottle
Trevor Nottle
Helen Nottle
Richard Nottle
Rebecca Nottle
Scot Nottle
Stephen Nottle

6 Kendall Street, Coburg, Victoria
8 Widdrop Crescent, Hampton East, Victoria
4/78 Woornack Road, Carnegie, Victoria 3163
37 Orient Drive, Doreen, Victoria 3754
4829 Harken Drive, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G2M8, Canada

AIF Service Number – VX93578


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