Go, Go, SLV!

Here’s their very kind and informative reply, potentially littered with gems. Who will chase up these leads?

“…Thank you for your enquiry concerning relatives of Harold Morris Nottle.

We can not devote a lot of time to such spectific genealogical work however hopefully the below will be of assistance.

Nottle’s pre-WW2 militia service record indicates his next of kin was his father, Harold James Nottle who lived at 6 Kendall Street, Coburg, Victoria – http://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/scripts/Imagine.asp?B=9305148

Checking the electoral roll Harold James was living with Annie Mitchell Nottle (nee Scales) at the time and they remained together at other addresses until he passed away.

Annie lived on until 1965. Her death notice indicates three living offspring at that time Brian Ralph Nottle (m. Maude), Enid (Mrs Wood) and Alan Henri (with whom she was living at 8 Widdrop Cresent, Hampton East, Victoria). These were Harold Morris’s surviving siblings.

I do not have enough information to follow up Enid.

Alan Henri was living in Australia until 1972 when he disappears from the electoral roll. He reappears in at least 1991 living with Joyce Mary Nottle. Alan most likely died between 1991 and 2008 but Joyce is still alive and registered as living at 4/78 Woornack Road, Carnegie, Victoria, 3163. No phone number in current directory.

Brian Ralph Nottle (AIF Service Number – VX93578 b. 1921 ) passed away in 2003 aged 82. His death notice indicate a number of male children (Harold James’s nephews) –

Brian Nottle (married to Marcia)
Ray Nottle (married to Lee)
Ron Nottle (married to Annette)

His wife Maude passed away in 2009.

I am fairly sure that these are the contact details for Ron and Annette Nottle as listed in the current telephone directory – Nottle Ron & Annette 37 Orient Drv, Doreen, VIC 3754.Telephone Number: (03) 9717 1694

It is possible (but less likely than the above) that these are the contact details for Brian and Marcia Nottle – 4829 Harken Dr Burnaby, BC, V5G2M8, Canada, (604) 431-6121

If it helps any other researchers the following were listed as Brian Ralph’s grand-children: Kevin, Lindsay, Trevor and Helen and Richard, Rebecca and Scot and Stephen.

That is as much as I can do given the time constraints we have but if you require further assistance there are professional genealogical researchers available at http://www.aagra.asn.au/

Best wishes with your research

Kind regards…”

If there’s a Victoria-based family history researcher out there, or if this letter mentions someone in your family, we urge you to get in touch…!


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