Brodby’s Spitfire’s Serial Number

(Gary Parsons photo)

What was it? Seems like a simple question, with a single answer. Sadly, not to be. Here are the 16 Squadron ORBs from the invaluable and comprehensive National Archives…

(Reza Masoudi photo)

covering the date when the crash occurred…

RIMG0012 v2

RIMG0013 v2

RIMG0016 v2

and (thanks to the wonderful RAF Museum London)…

the Movement Cards for both this serial number…

1896 v2

and the other one that’s been suggested…

1895 v2

So we have two bald statements here, one that the serial number was PL896 (ORBs), and one that it was PA893 (Movement Cards). Who can make the next move?


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