Harold Morris Nottle

We’re now looking for more relatives of this RAAF Pilot Officer.

Here he is on the Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour…


on the AWM circular…

and on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website…


See his two-page A.7 Form at the National Archives of Australia by typing ‘Harold Morris Nottle’ into this search box, and clicking the icon of paperwork in the column ‘Digitised Item’…


Searching for his name on the National Archives of Australia website…


shows that there are two other documents which have yet to be digitised.

The following is all conditional and subject to revision. He was born in Malvern, Victoria on 8 November 1918. His father was Harold James Nottle (1883 [Kadina, South Australia]–1965 [Traralgon, Victoria]), his mother Annie Mitchell Scales (1891 [Northcote, Victoria]–1965 [Sandford, Victoria]), and his brother Jack Wilkins Nottle (1916 [Corowa NSW]—1964], who seems to have married an Edith Nancy Griffett (1914—1941 [Fitzroy, Victoria]). Here’a link to a newspaper with his brother’s birth…


It looks like his mother had a sister and several brothers, all older than her, and it seems that she emigrated from Rotherham, Yorkshire, UK. His father may have had several brothers and sisters, with the following surnames possible for spouses of those folks: Stanes, Carlyon, Hooper and Hersey. Place names associated with his father and family are: Kadina, South Australia; Traralgon, Victoria; Melbourne, Victoria. Further back in his father’s line are possibly the surnames Cornelius, Passmore and Trehane. It seems that his mother’s sister Rebecca married a John Jepson born Hinxworth, Yorkshire and had several children all born in Rotherham.

If you are a relative of Harold, or if you have the tools to help, please get in touch!


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