Flight Lieutenant Charles Bindon ‘Nick’ Carter DFC DFM

charles bindon carter

F/L Carter of FW194 has no known grave, and is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Here’s his entry on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website…


It has proved difficult to make contact with any close relatives of his. We know that he had two or more brothers, with the youngest named William. He married Helena (‘Helen’) Herdman from Belfast, and his father and mother were Charles Stafford Carter and possibly Frances Grace (née Stanley). His family had connections to Belfast and also to The Vicarage, Portbury, Bristol. He joined the RAF in 1940, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal in August 1942 in recognition of his bravery in an incident over Germany when a shell hit his plane, and although wounded, he managed to put out an ammunition fire so that the plane and all crew made it back safely to base. Please help us let his relatives know about the commemoration for his sister plane FW211 on 25 September.


One thought on “Flight Lieutenant Charles Bindon ‘Nick’ Carter DFC DFM

  1. Fl Lt Charles Bindon Carter was my late father’s (John Stanley Carter, who also served in the RAF and went on to become an Anglican Bishop in South Africa) brother. Relatives are thus in South Africa and the UK (children of third brother William Carter). Happy to supply more family details. I now live in the US. Delighted to have finally tracked down more details of Bindon, who went by his second name, with me being named after his first name.

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