St. Clement Danes

This is the Central Church of the Royal Air Force and houses the Books of Remembrance, which contain the names of those who died on active service with the RAF (if the person died after leaving the RAF, they can be placed in the Trustees Book). Philippe here is very helpful, and was instrumental in finding a relative of a crew member of FW211. If you are planning a visit, he suggests checking their website in case a wedding or other function means that your journey has been in vain. I’ll say it again: helpful!

Please excuse the quality of the following photos. The Squadron badges are set into the floor. Here’s the one for 98 Squadron…

IMG-20140813-00303 v2

Here’s a shot of the top of one of the cabinets that the books sit in, and the window above…

IMG-20140813-00304 v3

And here’s a closeup of the names, in this case including the man I’m related to, George Robert Munton…

IMG-20140813-00305 v3


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