Jimmy Taylor

This is Jimmy Taylor. In WW2, He flew with RAF 16 Squadron, in PR Mk.XI Spitfires similar to the one behind him. Like 98, 180 and 320 Squadrons, 16 Squadron was also part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force (2TAF), but had a very different role to play. Singlehanded and unarmed, Jimmy and his colleagues each flew his Spitfire into enemy territory to take hundreds upon hundreds of 3D reconnaissance photos, which on his safe return were immediately developed and interpreted by skilled operators. The ‘stereo pairs’ of photos taken by twin cameras made the terrain ‘come to life’ in such a way that a keen eye could discern and resolve a small anomaly into, say, a rocket-launching ramp. This surveillance was invaluable, and led to the saving of many Allied lives. Here are sites with more information about him and about the work of 16 Squadron…




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