Aftermath Footage and Stanley Harrison


We now have usable film footage of the aftermath of the crash, shot by the US Army (from 1m25s in) (link)…

and the site is pretty much finalised as 148-150 Dorpsstraat, Hees with the kind collaboration of several parties.

Significant headway has been made in contacting relatives of the other aircrew, with the only standout now being the pilot Stanley Harrison. I have his father as Jonathan Parkinson Harrison BSc (Hons), his mother Julia (maiden name probably Chambers), his address most likely 52 Sea View Street, Cleethorpes (Street View link)…,-0.027427,3a,76.6y,348.62h,80.97t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sh9J6iW1u6iv2dap61y8nWw!2e0

His school was Clee Grammar, where he went with his cousin Geoffrey Hugh Baxter Harrison. Geoffrey’s Scout Master/Headmaster father was Francis Samuel Harrison and his mother was Rose (maiden name not known). More information on Clarissa’s blog here (link)…

Can you help with this piece of the puzzle?

Believe there’s an event planned for September, so go to it my beauties!


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