Royal Air Force Commands

Royal Air Force Commands

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Well, here’s a puzzle for you!

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In WWII, a Mitchell Mk II medium bomber from RAF 98 Squadron was shot down in Hees, Nijmegen with three crew members lost, and the remaining one taken prisoner. The plane (FW211 VO-Y) flew out of RAF Dunsfold on the 25th September 1944. The crew were:

  • RAF 131107 Flying Officer George Robert Munton (Navigator Bomber)
  • RAAF 410714 Pilot Officer Harold Morris Nottle (Wireless Operator / Air Gunner)
  • RAF 182005 Pilot Officer Stanley Harrison (Pilot)
  • RAF 1321710 Flight Sergeant Ronald George Taylor (Wireless Operator / Air Gunner)
Put your thinking caps on, because I’m enlisting your help.
1) The crash site is reputedly near the Petruskerk at 148-150 Dorpsstraat, Hees. Can this be proved? Disproved? Really looking for photos, original documents, eyewitness accounts, and film footage (n.b. this street has since been renamed and renumbered).
2) Living relatives of the first man (G. R. Munton) are known (including myself). Very much need to find relatives of the other three. What ways can you think of to do this?