Douglas Boston BZ590 of 18 Squadron

This plane was shot down by anti-aircraft fire on 21 April during an armed reconnaissance operation fron Forli to the Po valley, killing all four crew. They were…

RAF Sgt David Raikes (P)
RAF F/S David Perkins (N)
RAF F/S Alexander Bostock (WAg)
RAAF W/O John Hunt (Ag)

and the story of the tracing of their remains so that they could be memorialised is here…

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV R3896 (LS-X) of 15 Sqdn

On 7 July 1940, this aircraft flew out of Alconbury near RAF Wyton on an operation to Ghent and crashed at Dudzele near Bruges after being shot down by a Messerchmitt Bf109E of the ‘Grünherz’. The three who died were:

RAF 42375 P/O Hugh Christopher Morris Bamber (P) (son of Theodore Mark and Ada Margaret Bamber from Dulwich)
RAF 746818 Sgt George Reid (Ag) (son of William and Helen Reid Murdoch from Baillieston in Lanarkshire)
RAF 749458 Sgt John Holdsworth (Obs)

and here’s their story, on the village website…

Avro Anson Mk.I L7056 of 32 OTU

This crash during training out of RCAF Patricia Bay on 30 October 1942, in which four airmen were assumed perished, remained a mystery for over 70 years. They were:

RCAF R/131545 Sgt. William Baird
RAF 129395 P/O Charles George Fox
RAF 129408 P/O Anthony William Lawrence
RAF 1332144 Sgt. Robert Ernest Luckock

and it’s only recently that the wreckage of the plane and the remains of the crew have been found near Cowichan Bay, Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island, British Colombia. Here are some links to the story…

RAF 153571 F/O Derek Cecil Heather of 61 Squadron

This officer died along with five of his six crew colleagues when their Avro Lancaster ED470 was shot down on 23 September 1944 near Zelhem in the Netherlands on an operation out of RAF Skellingthorpe to the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

The others who died alongside him were:
RAAF F/O Albert Hornibrook (Pilot)
RAF Sgt Tegwyn Roberts (Flight Engineer)
RAAF F/O John Condon (Navigator)
RAF Sgt Robert Stanley Meachen (Wireless Operator)
RAF Sgt Thomas Brown (Mid-Upper Gunner)

…and Sgt John Miller (Rear Gunner) managed to get out.

Their bodies were not recovered, and it’s only in recent times that a dig has been given the go-ahead so that their remains can be properly laid to rest. The story here…